Cindy‘s Diner




The history of the «Cindy's Diner» brand has its origins in the 1960s, when the renowned founder of Mövenpick Ueli Prager opened «Silberkugel» in Zurich, the first burger restaurant in Switzerland based on the US model. Building on the major success of the first Silberkugel, the original Idea was developed into an authentic American diner concept with service under the Cindy's brand in the years that followed. Incidentally, the brand was named after the fairy tale character «Cinderella».

Welcome to the tasty fifties!

Much has remained unchanged since the first «Cindy's Diner» was opened. This includes the authentic American diner ambience in the style of the 1950s, with a curved horseshoe-shaped bar and an original jukebox. Authentic diner specialities are served. Notably, high-quality gourmet burgers with homemade burger patties made of Swiss beef. They are served with hand-cut fries.


Cindy's Diner on motorways