We are at home all over Switzerland!

The «Marché» brand is best known for its unique restaurants on all major Swiss motorways. Since the opening of the first Marché restaurant in Neuenkirch Ost in 1986, the brand has evolved from an innovative open-kitchen restaurant concept into a successful multi-brand catering company. For some time now it has no longer operated exclusively on motorways, but is also to be found at Zurich Airport, at the largest Swiss train stations in Zurich, Bern and Basel, and in a number of high-footfall shopping centres in German-speaking Switzerland. To sum it up: wherever people treat themselves to a refreshing break.

On motorways

The «Marché» brand has become an integral feature of Swiss motorways. We have at least one Marché restaurant, Cafébar or Take-away at more than 15 motorway service stations in all parts of the country – along with a Burger King or Popeyes.

At the airport

The «Marché» brand has proven its success at Zurich Airport for more than 15 years. With a restaurant, a Cafébar and a Take-away, these are enjoyable places to take a break in the hectic everyday environment of the airport

In shopping centres

For many visitors, the culinary experience is all part of a successful shopping trip. Our concepts offer tired shoppers attractive venues for a pleasurable break from shopping.

At railway stations

It is often that case that every minute counts at the train station. A quick coffee and a sandwich and then on with the journey. Our concepts pick up on these needs and offer fresh and fast food to be eaten when travelling

In the city

City trips make you hungry and thirsty! Our urban food concepts offer fast, straightforward catering on-site to take away and enjoy.