Mission statement




Shared values underpin our success.

Our mission statement expresses how we regard our daily actions and work: partnership-based, diverse, close, innovative and distinct. We use these core values, to continuously develop our skills on a day-to-day basis, thereby improving the experience for our customers to enjoy their visit. They also inform the quality and sustainability of all our products, services and processes.

«We are the venue of choice for anyone on the move. We want our services to exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to hospitality, freshness, quality and sustainability.»

Raoul König, CEO

«You get out what you put in.»

We are not just doing a job, we live our passion, impress with freshness, stand out with quality and win customers over with prices.

«The icing on the cake.»

We are creative initiators and resolute procreators of new ideas. We develop innovative concepts consistently, based on the wishes and needs of our customers - quickly, decisively and boldly.

«All pulling together.»

We develop an environment of partnership in which appreciation and value creation are held in the same esteem. Our belief is that we can only be successful if we all put our values into practice​​ in every area.

«Your wish is our command.»

We make the everyday life of our customers pleasanter - offering enjoyment in the hectic pace of everyday life, respecting personal preferences and fulfilling individual requirements.

«Variety is the spice of life.»

We offer a diverse brand and concept portfolio that is consistently tailored to the needs of our customers.